Posted by on July 3rd, 2006

By Jodie Evans

I needed this surge of energy…I have been so depressed by the news these days, the death, the lies, the arrogance, the disregard for anything with integrity, beauty and humanity.

When Diane Wilson calls a hunger strike I am there. There is a commitment she brings that I will follow anywhere. My first hunger strike with her was just about now, 4 years ago…oh dear could it really be 4 years ago?? We were in the beastly hot south Texas heat in the back of her truck outside the Dow chemical plant. It was a powerful week I spent with her, in the middle of her hunger strike. I got quite thin, quite weak and very empowered. We won, she led a hunger strike that stopped India from giving Dow Chemical a pass on the 20,000 who died in Bhopal. Many of us just supported as fasters, thousands from around the world, including members of European Parliaments.

The next hunger strike I joined her in was the start of CODEPINK, it was a vigil and hunger strike outside the White House. The hunger strike ended when she was arrested Thanksgiving eve, no one cared, she restricted from DC for a year. Next we went to Iraq in February and sharing that experience with her deepened it for all of us.

A few days before Camp Casey Diane had sent a request that we let the Texas CODEPINK women know Cindy was going to the Bush Ranch in Crawford. Saturday I got a call from Diane sitting in a ditch outside the Bush ranch…"Cindy just sat down and said she ain't leaving and I ain't eating". So I quit eating again, got on a plane to Crawford and the work we had been doing for almost 3 years catapulted to the front pages, to Time magazine, Vanity Fair and O, places we never thought we could read about the Iraq war.

I love following Diane into this hunger strike which will carry into Camp Casey. I have experienced the power of both Diane and Cindy and can't imagine what might be in store next. In a quiet moment the other morning I thought it would be great if we could get the President of Iraq to come to Camp Casey to walk with Cindy to Bush's ranch again, to knock on the door, and ask what was the noble cause that Casey Sheehan died for and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi died for. That happened before I started the FAST, let's think big while we are fasting, let's bring the troops home, let's show those around us what it takes to get serious about the senseless death, destruction and stupidity that invading and occupying Iraq is. Let's bring America back to her senses. I am inspired by the commitment of the 3,000 people who have joined in so far, I know those of us who fast to support the hunger strikers give the support they need to push for the transformation the country needs.