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Tuesday, July 10 - 11
Yesterday and today between 5-20 people at any given time were fasting and vigiling outside Senator Dianne Feinstein's office here in San Francisco. Janet spent some of her time at the vigil quilting. Dianna, a member of Queers for Peace and Justice, stopped by and lit up the streets of San Francisco with her radiant voice, singing about peace! At 6 pm we were joined by a peace and spirituality women's circle from the East Bay. They led a reclaiming ritual and a women's circle. In the evening we also held a national conference call with the fasters in DC and and over 25 people around the country who gave us inspiring updates from local fasts happening around the country!

Throughout our vigil we have created a pink satin banner with the message: “Dear Dianne, Please bring our troops home fast!” Passersby and vigil participants have signed messages to Dianne. We will deliver this peace banner to her office tomorrow. In these photos below, you can see some of the messages people wrote.

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