Posted by on July 15th, 2006

By Marie Bravo, Code Pink Tahoe area

I am now back home after seeing the Troops Home Fast travel from San Francisco, to Davis, to Sacramento and to Lake Tahoe. It has been exhilarating and powerful. I am amazed at how our web of fasters is weaving itself. I decided to go to San Francisco to be with my pink sisters, who I am missing so much, for the welcome home party for Di Fi. Due to a road closure from an accident I missed the Amtrak and the camp out. I arrived on the second day of camp DiFi. Where I made some herbal tea and hung out with Janet, Erin, Rae, Sureya, Renay and a few others who stopped by from time to time. After we broke camp for the night, Renay, Sureya and I went to the Labor Film Fest and were enchanted by Julius, Whose life story as a labor activist is chronicled in fellow musician George's (of George and Julius) film.

The following day I went with Rae and Karen to Davis to pass on the fast to Davis Code Pinksters. We broke bread to symbolize the ending and beginning of fasting. (See Rae's blog). I then continued on to Sacramento to visit my family and get some pink support out for Victor Copeland, an amazing young man who fasted for five days on the steps of the state capital. I learned that hunger strikes are not permitted on state property. In order to get a permit Victor had to submit to some conditions that had to be listed on the sign he used. He had to agree to drink ample liquids and eat a bowl of rice every evening. On Monday morning before returning home I went to bring the fast to Victor. Jo, a Sacramento Pinkster, and my dear friend and fellow activist MK came out to fast, as did Mark from Davis. I stayed most of the morning and passed the fast, again breaking bread.

Saturday I went to Kiva Beach in South Lake Tahoe to fast by the waters of beautiful, sacred Tahoe. I had hoped to get some local media coverage but was unsuccessful. I also hoped to get others out but again no luck. On woman, Lorrie attempted to join me but was unable to find parking on a hot Saturday afternoon at the height of tourist season. For the most part I was ignored. Only a couple of people came and talked to me. I was beginning to feel as if I were intruding on everyone's carefree Tahoe vacation with a dose of reality they most likely didn't want to think about. Folks around these parts are pretty much into the feel good lifestyle and don't want to face anything that might cause one to think too deeply. About 5 pm Victor, wearing a bright Code Pink tee shirt, his fiancÚ Shannon and MK showed up with the banner that was carried from San Francisco to Davis to Sacramento and bread to pass on the fast. We hung out and swam and talked for a while before our little ceremony. We formed a little circle next to the water under pine trees. We grounded and gave our intentions for peace and healing of the planet, gathering power and inspiration from the Lake and surrounding mountains to help us in our intentions of bringing peace and healing to our traumatized Mother Earth. After we finished a man came up to us to thank us for what we are doing. He urged us to keep our work going; he knows how important it is as he spent many years in the military. It felt so amazing to us to hear him express such feelings.

Sunday I went with a small group of people from Markleeville, the county seat of the least populated county in California, who fasted for the day, to the meadow at Grover Hot Springs State Park for a vigil. I am planning to return to Lake Tahoe with our banner on Tuesdays throughout the summer. I am also hoping that our fast and banner can travel on to other places until September 21st. I have been fasting now for 6 days total. I spent a few days eating one small meal a day, mostly salads, and some fruit in between. I found it difficult to be running all over the state while fasting. I have been fasting for the past 3 days and feel great. Along with supporting the fasters in DC I am fasting for the health of my spirit.

Marie Bravo, Code Pink Tahoe area