Living in a War Zone

Posted by on August 10th, 2006

Blog by Gael Murphy (3am Beirut time)

Everyone is very nice and appreciates us here.  
We are fine but saddened to see the situation, lots of human suffering, lots killed injured and suffering.  Meeting with refugees in camps and schools, lots of Lebanese mobilized to help.  The UN can't move to deliver food and supplies because of threats from Israel, we hear bombing every night.
Israeli's are taking more and more of an aggressive stance and you can feel it.  Trying to see and learn as much as we can.  Like in Iraq we are finding that Lebanese can make the distinction between the Am people and the US Gov't.  There is no question in their mind that the US and Israel are connected, deeply disturbed by the UN's incapacity to get a ceasefire.

The city is more dirty and more crowded.  Fuel is running out soon, and the neighborhood we are in has a black out and partial black outs in the day, maybe a way to save fuel.  They are devastated and want to be left in piece and want the Israeli's out of their country.  

We are doing an ice cream giveout to 500 kids tomorrow afternoon.  They sleep under old blankets and torn sheets under trees, they won't get in the tents for fear they will be bombed.  Close to 1,000 displaced people living in the park near them.  And strangely life goes on, some businesses are still functioning.  

Frustrating for the Lebanese to see 60% of Americans are against the war but nothing is stopping it.

This weekend they are organizing to take supplies to the south, it will take 8 hours to get there.  But there are threats anyone traveling south of the line will be seen as the enemy and fair game to be shot.  So they aren't sure what they can do.  They plan on coming home on Monday.

More from them later.