Nation-wide Protests at BP Stations to Demand Prosecution for Lost Lives & Livelihoods

Contact: Dana Balicki 202 422 8624
Rae Abileah 415 994 1723

June 18th, 2010

On June 19, 60 days after the Gulf oil spill, the women-led organization CODEPINK and concerned citizens across the country will bring their outrage to their local BP gas stations to denounce BP as a criminal company that has ignored crucial safety issues, cut corners, and spent millions lobbying Congress to fight regulations. Marisa Tomei, Darryl Hannah, Q'orianka Kilcher, Ed Begley, along with mermaids, seagulls, oily fish and coastal land-dwellers across the country have taken a pledge to Boycott BP and dozens of cities will take that pledge to the streets this weekend.

WHEN: Saturday, June 19
WHERE: Nation-wide: Mermaid Survivors of the Oilspill Contingent at historic Coney Island Mermaid Parade; BP Gas Station action in Oakland, CA; Nude Biking to Protest Crude Oil in Madison, WI; BP Gas Station Protests in Los Angeles & Oakland, CA + Lancaster, PA; Crude Awakening BP Protest in Detroit, MI; Rally in Houston, TX; and Honk if you Love Dolphins in Atlanta, GA. For more information on these actions please visit our site or contact Rae Abileah at 415 994 1723, for more details/local contact info.

"We not only call for an end to the liability caps so that BP is fully responsible for all cleanup costs, criminal prosecution of BP and EPA officials whose unthinkable negligence led to this disaster, and a real commitment to clean, safe energy options,” says Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK Cofounder, “but also a transparent investigation and prosecution of BP--unless BP stands for Beyond Prosecution, those in the gulf deserve to see this level of accountability."

Diane Wilson, fourth generation shrimper from Texas who has made headlines recently with her creative protests in Congress in Senate Energy hearings and in yesterday's testimony from BP CEO Tony Hayward, made this statement with CODEPINK on Boycotting BP, "BP is a criminal company that has ignored safety regulations at the health of our oceans and even its own workers. Tony Hayward and BP need to be held accountable for their criminal activities as well as paying every last cent they may have to the families in the Gulf affected by their willful, criminal neglect. Our message to Obama, and Congress: BP must pay to clean up this mess and our government must move to end offshore drilling and move us into a new century of clean energy.”

CODEPINK most recently made headlines with their disruption of BP CEO Tony Hayward' s testimony in Congress on June 17 and for a nearly nude action at BP Headquarters in Houston, TX to expose the 'naked truth' about BP's history of negligence and pollution. You can read more about CODEPINK's Boycott BP actions at