Emergency Delegation Enters Gaza

November 27th, 2012

November 27th, 2012

For Immediate Release

Press Contact:

Cairo: Medea Benjamin, 010-2622-2751, medea@codepink.org

Ann Wright, 010-2591-4113, microann@yahoo.com

Gaza: Kathy Kelly, 059-924-9412, Kathy@vcnv.org

US: Alli McCracken, 860-575-5692, alli@codepink.org

Emergency Delegation Enters Gaza

The first four members of the Emergency International Delegation to Gaza entered the Gaza Strip on Monday, November 26th. Three more members of the delegation entered early this morning and nine are currently at the border attempting to cross. In addition, six others will attempt to enter tomorrow on Wednesday, November 28th. They have been delayed due to the closing of the US embassy in Cairo, caused by the million person march in Tahrir Square in opposition to President Morsi's assumption of Judicial and Legislative powers. The delegation in Gaza is documenting the deaths and injuries of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure and housing caused by the more than 1000 Israeli military strikes carried out in the eight day attack on Gaza.

The peace group CODEPINK has raised $25,000 dollars for the delegation to buy medical supplies that they purchased in Cairo and will take into Gaza. The medicines will be donated to the Shifa Hospital, the hospital treating most of those injured during the attack.

The delegation is composed of 20 US citizens, 2 citizens from the UK, one from Spain, one from Germany and one from Norway. "When the fourth largest military power in the world maintains a crippling blockade against a tiny, entrapped population the world must come together any say “NO”, says Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK cofounder and a trip coordinator.

“The ceasefire is a pause in a long military war while an economic siege continues,” says Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence codirector and one of the four delegation members to have already entered the Gaza strip. “The agreement doesn't address the Occupation, border issues, and water rights.  Nor does it mention ways to deal with repatriation and compensation of refugees. International solidarity actions clamoring for a just peace in the region are crucially needed."

Delegates are available for interviews.