Find a Mother's Day Event in Your Community

Event Description: Join us Sunday, May 14th at 1:00 p.m. to Honor Mothers' Peace Day. Learn the Historic Origin of Mothers Day and Fight the Apathy in Our Country Regarding the Consequences of War for Children. Arise then...women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts! Whether your baptism be of water or of tears! Say firmly: "We will not have questions answered by irrelevant agencies, Our husbands will not come to us, reeking with carnage, For caresses and applause. Our sons (and daughters) shall not be taken from us to unlearn All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We, the women of one country, Will be too tender of those of another country To allow our sons (and daughters) to be trained to injure theirs.? From the Mother's Day Proclamation of 1870 by Julia Ward Howe (with additions from organizer) Park Strip - Memorial Block Located at the corners of 9th and I Streets Meet Diane Benson, mother of an honored Veteran from Iraq and Alaska candidate for US House of Representatives. Open Mic (especially for youth) Educational Activities for Youth Music Spoken Word Come to honor the true meaning behind Mothers? Day and speak your peace!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th, 1pm
Location: Park Strip Memorial Block
Organization Contact: Katy Parrish /

Los Angeles
Event Description: Join CODEPINK Los Angeles for an afternoon on the Promenade. We'll be reading Letters to Laura, hosting interesting & pro-peace childrens activities and spending the afternoon remembering and honoring moms who have lost children to this war.

Date & Time: May 14th at 2-4pm
Location: 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
Organizer contact: Samantha Miller /

Event Description: "Arise then...women of this day!  Arise, all women who have hearts!  Disarm!  Disarm!  Celebrate Mothers' Day by joining CODEPINK Orange County in a solidarity vigil with our sisters outside the White House and across the country as we all work together to stop the insanity of sending our children to war!

Date & Time: May 14th at 2-4pm
Location: Traffic Circle, Olde Towne Orange
Organizer contact: Kathy /

CODEPINK SACRAMENTO INVITES YOU TO A MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION CODEPINK Sacramento cordially invites you to join with us this Mother's Day weekend, May 13th and 14th, as we reclaim the original meaning of Mother's Day.

Few realize that Mother's Day began not as a day to take Mom out for dinner, but" as a day for women to rise and leave home"to plan how to have peace in our world.

In honor of that spirit of creating peace, we have planned a two-day event to promote Peace to Every Mother's Child.

A vigil will be held Saturday evening from 7:00-9:00pm, at the Viet Nam Memorial on the Capitol Grounds to honor those mothers whose sons and daughters have been killed in war. (Please note: Because candles are not allowed on the Grounds, bring small flashlights instead.)

Sunday we will gather again at the Memorial from 11:00 to 3:00 to reaffirm that peace is possible and we will bring it about.

For more information and to participate, please e-mail Betty at Come join us!

PS Last year's Mother's Day at the Memorial, CODEPINK  launched its campaign to bring home our California National Guard ­ AJR36 ­ legislation we hope will be adopted by this Mother's Day. If not, we will demand that it be adopted immediately and we will act accordingly.

Event Description:
Join Westport CODEPINK for "A Mother's Day Vigil" opening with the reading of Julia's Proclamation' and closing with the reading of letters to Laura. In conjunction with a Women in Black Silent vigil, this event is in honor of all mothers whose children are daily sacrificed, in mind &/or body; whose children are guaranteed neither safety or justice; whose children are pawns, in the Iraq honor of their perpetual mourning. The final statement will be addressed to Barbara Bush: George needs a time out..

Additionally the vigil will be a place where information on "Voters for Peace" will be available.

Date & Time: May 14th at 3pm
Location: Hwy.1 Westport Coastal Conservancy, Westport Ca. 95488
Organizer contact: Marguerite Lambert /

Delray Beach
Event Description: Spend Mother's Day in Del Ray. 6:00-7:00pm- Pink Picnic in the Park (bring own picnic basket). 7:00-8:00pm-Park Proclamation. We will be reading Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation, Poems, Letter's to Laura, Singing Peace Songs and Chants. Please bring anything that you wish to contribute or perform. We will have a portable Karaoke machine. 8:00-9:00pm Avenue Stroll. We will paint Atlantic Avenue Pink. Wear your pinkest outfit. Help pass out literature, gifts and wishes of Peace for Mother's Day. 9:00-9:15pm Candlelight Vigil to honor and remember all those who have perished in this war. Please bring your own candles. Additionally, information will presented to the public regarding the Department of Peace Legislation "Peace Wants A Piece Of The Pie". For more information go to

Date & Time:
Saturday May 13th, 2006 from 6:00-9:00 pm
Location: N.E. corner of Atlantic Avenue and Swinton Avenue (Old School Square)
Parking is available in various lots and on the street around Old School Square.
Organizer Contact: Lori Russell /

Event Description: Join CODEPINK Maui to Celebrate Mother's Day Hawaiian style!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th (Time tba)
Location: TBA
Organizer Contact: Nadine Newlight /

Event Description: Celebrate Mother's Day with CODEPINK in Chicago! One block from Representative Rahm Emmanuel's office. We will bring our mothers, our grandmothers, our children, and reclaim the origins of Mother's Day in a vigil for peace.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th at 1:30pm
Location: Independence Park, Irving Park Rd. at Hamlin Ave.
Organizer Contact: Catherine Caporusso /

Event Description: Chicago area CODEPINK joins the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and other peace groups in handing out flowers on Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River.  We will meet at 12 noon at the Vietnam Vets Memorial (Wacker and Wabash), then walk up Michigan Ave to hand out flowers in a gesture of peace.  Plan to go from Michigan Ave to the vigil at Independence Park, also sponsored by Chicago CODEPINK.  Any questions? Email

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th at 12 noon
Location: Vietnam Vets Memorial at Wacker & Wabash
Organizer Contact: Pat Hunt /

Island Lake
Event Description: Peace wants a piece of the pie - Citizens for a US Department of Peace. Mothers in our Lake Area Peace Partners Group will be presenting a pie to Congresswoman Mellisa Bean and asking her to co-sponsor the Department of Peace Legistation. For more info go to

Date & Time:
May 12th at 11:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Schaumburg
Organizer contact: Jean Paskalides /

Des Moines
Event Description: Mother's Day Rally Iowans for Sensible Priorities Move Our Money! Sunday, May 14th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm State of Iowa Capitol Building - West Steps Join fellow Moms for a celebration of the true meaning of Mother's Day! Bring the kids for fun activities such as face painting, balloon sculpturing, and FREE Ben and Jerry's ice cream. For the Moms we have live music by Mary McAdams and "I Believe" music as well as speakers including Sue Dinsdale, a Blue Star mom whose son served in Afghanistan. Learn more about where your tax dollars are being spent with an appearance by the Oreo Mobile! So join us to celebrate Moving Our Money! with live music, activities for the kids, FREE Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and all the pens, bumper stickers, pins, and Oreo cookies you want!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th, 2-4pm
Location: State Capitol Building
Organizer Contact: Dave Stone /

New Orleans
Event Description: Mothers Day, May 14th- Rally & Parade! 1pm in New Orleans Join Common Ground, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, women from around the community and the country as we declare PEACE on Mothers Day! Join us at the Neutral Ground on St. Claude between Frenchmen & Elysian Fields to honor mothers calling for peace. From there we will join the 2nd Line Community Parade & Block Party with the Big 7, the Porch, other community groups and New Birth Brass Band! We will gather to recognize the purpose and intention of Mothers Day and to bring the attention to New Orleans, where in the wake of Hurricane Katrina the Government leaves people homeless and hungry, while continuing to support the killing of our children in a senseless war that pits nation against nation! We will stand in solidarity with mothers of soldiers sent to war to kill or be killed; with mothers in Palestine, Iraq, Latin America, Sudan, whose children are killed at the hands of the war machine that in turn takes money from children here in New Orleans. Instead of trinkets and breakfast in bed, let?s give our mothers and the mothers around the world the greatest gift: our energy, our passion, our commitment and our determination to stop the violence and build a world without war, strengthen our families & rebuild our communities! For more info call Anna at 504.621.6432 or Dana at 707.280.9074 Cut and paste this link for the flyer!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th, 1pm
Location: Neutral Ground on St Claude between Frenchmen & Elysian Fields + parade through the 7th Ward
Organizer Contact: Dana Balicki / (707) 280-9074

Event Description: Mother's Day Peace Vigil Please join us in honoring our wise and courageous foremothers--and our own mothers and grandmothers. We will revive the spirit of the original Mother's Day for Peace (created in 1872) by reading Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation. Bring family & friends, also signs for peace if possible. Sponsored by Waltham Concerned Citizens. For more info, contact 781-647-0384.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th, 1-3pm
Location: corner of Main & Moody St.
Organization Contact: Sue Genser /

Event Description: Prayer circle.  Healing the hoop lodge

Date & Time: Friday, May 12th, 6pm
Organizer Contact: Jacqueline /

Event Description: Montana Women For Peace invite citizens from throughout Montana to join in a Revolutionary Mother's Day March in Bozeman. The march celebrates Constitution, and is a call for peace, social justice, protection of civil and human rights, a clean and safe environment, and women's reproductive rights. ALL ARE WELCOME to make any part of the day's events a part of their Mother's Day celebration. Pre-march Rally begins at 12:00 noon in Lindley Park with speakers and music, emceed by Margot Kidder. March begins around 2:00pm and proceeds down Main Street to the Gallatin County Courthouse. Over 40 Montana groups will participate, and the march will include drumming and singing.

Date & Time:
Sunday, May 14th at 12pm
Location: Lindley Park
Organizer Contact: Lynn Weaver /

Event Description: Join us for a vigil, speak out and high fashion at the Memorial Park overpass. Women are to dress like their "Auntie War." Wear your big hats, pearls and fanciest, most "outrage"ous dress. Pink is great but optional. Open mike, sing along and leafleting. Join us!!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th at 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Memorial Park Overpass
Organizer Contact: Jo Peterson /

Event Description: Mothers Day Weekend 2006 BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME VIGIL SATURDAY, MAY 13th , 2PM KINGSTON, NEW YORK Along ULSTER AVENUE / 9W At the Kings Mall entrance, 1200 Ulster Ave U.S. ARMY RECRUITMENT CENTER Stand up for PEACE before he starts another WAR! You might even bring a bag of little plastic toy soldiers, labeled "Bring Me Home" and join us as we distribute them to passers-by.

Date & Time: Saturday, May 13th, 2pm
Location: 1200 Ulster Ave at the Kings Mall entrance
Organizer Contact: Anne Katz / 845-339-0999

Event Description: Mothers' Day prayer vigil for peace

Date & Time: Saturday, May 13th, 8pm
Location: Sylvania United Church of Christ, 7240 Eerie St.
Organizer Contact:

Event Description: Arise!! Come one, come all! Join the festive revolution to reclaim Mother's Day in alignment with the vision of Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the Mother's Day Proclamation in 1870. This year's theme: Mothers Beyond Borders. Gather up with the great human family: 12:30 tricycle, wagon, stroller & wheelchair decorating; face painting; dressing up in costume 1:30 sidewalk parade through Hillsboro Village and back to Dragon Park!! Post parade: acoustic music by Nashville's very own Contrarians; a fun show by children's performer Nate the Great; fellowship with FREE CAKE, juice, water & coffee. Bring your knitting, your drums & kazoos; your grandmothers, babies, and mates. Outlandish costumery is encouraged to add to the day's joyous reclaimation; aprons are a terrific symbol for the revelery of the day. Hosted by Mothers Acting Up, Nashville's First Annual Mother's Day Parade for Peace is co-sponsored by folks including CODEPINK, Wild Oats, Plumgood Foods, Peace Roots Alliance, and the Nashville Peace and Justice Center. More info at our blog:

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th
Location: Fannie Mae Dees Park (aka Dragon Park) from 12:30 to 3:30pm
Organizer Contact: Kate Wingate /

Event Description: Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action; creating a peaceful world for all children. For more details go to

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14th gather at 12pm
Location: Bangor Sub Base
Organizer contact: Lynne Greenwald /

Event Description:
Mother's Day Tea Come celebrate the Mother's among us and remember the Story of Mother's Day. This Mother's Day we will be hosting an elegant tea with seating for 180 people, live music and a dramatic reading of the Mother's Day Proclamation. To celebrate the mother's among us and remember the story of Mother's Day This year marks the first The Mother's Day Tea and it promises to be an elegant community event honoring mothers past and present as we gather to remember the history of the day. We plan to host 150-200 people. With seating and tables of cloth linens and flowers, we will provide service of tea and tasty finger foods under the cover of umbrellas and tents. Live music and a dramatic reading of the Mother's Day Proclamation will be presented by a direct descendent of its author Julia Ward Howe. There will be no charge for this event. We will host on a first come, first serve basis. Rain or Shine.

Date & Time:
May 14th at 1-3pm
Location: Heritage Fountain Park, Downtown Olympia, WA between 4th and 5th.
Organizer contact: Ellen Turner/