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Cofounder Medea Benjamin with Lebanese children at a refugee camp, August 2006.

CODEPINK & Troops Home FAST Peace Delegates traveled to Lebanon while the fighting was still raging. After a harrowing ride from Syria over freshly bombed roads and bridges, we were greeted in Beirut to the booms of Israeli bombardments. We visited the devastated neighborhoods of Southern Beirut. We provided aid to traumatized children in improvised refugee camps. We heard from angry Lebanese residents who condemned the Bush administration for providing Israel with the green light -- and the weapons -- to kill over 1,000 civilians and destroy their airport, ports, bridges, roads, factories, and worst of all, entire towns and residential neighborhoods.

Cofounders Gael Murphy and Medea Benjamin viewing the destruction in South Beirut, August 2006.

Now that there is a ceasefire, hundreds of thousands of displaced Lebanese need help returning home. While our government has given Israel billions for bombs and guns that have killed and maimed over 1,000 Lebanese, it has pledged a mere $50 million for rebuilding.

We -- US Citizens -- should push our government to provide more funds. Now more than ever we should show the Lebanese people that we care about peace not only by continuing to oppose our military policies in the Middle East but also by supporting and joining their peace efforts. With your help we can send delegations of US women peace activists to Lebanon, we can help fund a peace walk to the Lebanese-Israeli border and we can support efforts to clear unexploded cluster bombs in southern Lebanon. We have made wonderful new friends among the Lebanese peace groups. Let's show them we want peace as badly as they do. Click here to donate now!

Fasters protesting the bombing of Lebanon outside the White House, July 2006.

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"The people here feel helpless to stop the fighting, and they feel the world community has abandoned them. They are particularly angry at the United States, who they feel is providing Israel with the weapons and the international cover to keep up the attacks. One US aid group, when they entered a village that had been attacked, was chased away by angry local people who refused their donations. In fact, some UN people advised us to say we were Canadian or European, not American." More by Medea Benjamin...

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