While Nancy Pelosi continues to insist that “impeachment is off the table,” a recent American Research Group poll shows that a majority of Americans (and a VAST majority of Democrats) favor impeachment. And we at CODEPINK think the best place to start is with VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY.

We join with groups such as MoveOn, True Majority, After Downing Street and many others in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Enough LYING, enough BULLYING, enough DEFYING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY, enough THREATENING TO ENGULF THE WORLD IN UNENDING WAR.

We can't wait for the clock to run out on this administration. Cheney and Bush believe they can do what they want without consequence. Between now and the end of 2008, this administration could cause unimaginable damage as they push forward their terrifying agenda: starting another war on Iran, rekindling a nuclear arms race with Russia, and more. THE TIME TO IMPEACH IS NOW!

Help us give Dick Cheney a PINK SLIP!

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Nine Reasons to Pink Slip Dick Cheney

1. He purposely manipulated information about the existence weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to make a case for launching a war against that country. THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ AND HE KNEW IT.

2. He repeatedly lied about a connection between Al Queda and Saddam Hussein in order to make a case for invading Iraq. THERE WAS NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AL QUEDA AND SADDAM HUSSEIN AND HE KNEW IT.

3. He has threatened to bomb Iran even though Iran currently has no nuclear weapons, is years from developing them, and has agreed to allow U.N. weapons inspectors into the country. He has gone so far as to propose the use of nuclear weapons against that country. AS IF THE FAILED WAR AND OCCUPATION IN IRAQ ISN'T BAD ENOUGH, HE WANTS TO START ANOTHER WAR.

4. He has sanctioned the use of torture against the invented category of “illegal enemy combatants.” With his approval, people have been kidnapped, flown to secret locations and tortured. IN HIS ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR, CHENEY FEELS HE SHOULDN'T OBEY ANY LAW THAT GETS IN HIS WAY.

5. He has said that the law of the land doesn't apply to him because he isn't part of the executive branch (as President of the Senate he is part of the legislative branch) and he has said the law doesn't apply to him because he is protected by Executive Privilege. CHENEY DOESN'T THINK HE IS SUBJECT TO ANY LAW IN THIS COUNTRY, OR IN THIS UNIVERSE OR ANY OTHER.

6. He is the mastermind behind the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program. In this illegal program, the government spied on American citizens on American soil. CHENEY ARGUES THAT THE PRESIDENT HAS THE RIGHT TO BREAK INTO OUR HOMES, OPEN OUR MAIL, LISTEN TO OUR PHONE CALLS, TORTURE AND ASSASSINATE PEOPLE, IN SHORT DO ANYTHING HE FEELS LIKE DOING UNDER THE COVER OF “THE WAR ON TERROR.”

7. Even if Congress can't come up with the 218 votes needed to impeach Cheney, the more Congress members who sign onto Kucinich's articles of impeachment, the less powerful Cheney becomes. IT WILL BE A FORECEFUL MESSAGE OF OPPOSITION AND CENSURE THAT WILL MAKE AN ATTACK ON IRAN HARDER TO SELL.

8. Signing onto the articles of impeachment can be used as a litmus test for progressive Democrats. If you are for the rule of law, if you are against endless war, if you believe in civil liberties, this is your chance to take a principled stand. THIS WILL SHIFT THE POLITICAL CENTER AND GIVE “MODERATE” DEMOCRATS COVER FOR VOTING AGAINST IRAQ WAR FUNDING.

9. There will be little, if any, political blowback. With Cheney's approval rating hovering in the teens, the vast majority of Americans would be happy to see him impeached. CODEPINK SAYS: PINK SLIP CHENEY!