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Lobby Toolbox

Your member of Congress responds to pressure; our Lobby Toolbox will help you focus that pressure to end war funding and bring our troops home.
Effective lobbying depends on four P's: Preparation, Personal Stories, Persistence and Pink!

Get the Facts and Find Out
What Congress Needs to Hear!


Contact Congress Now

  • Find your member of Congress and check out his or her website to find local and DC office info and legislative updates
  • Call your Congressperson in DC by dialing the Congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121

  • Organize a Phone-A-Thon:
    a public action to generate many calls in a short time

  • Send your Congressperson an email using our simple Write to Congress tool (coming soon!)

  • For further tips on communicating with Congress, click here for a handy two-page guide

Organize a visit to your representative's office

Act Locally:

  • Invite folks from your local CODEPINK group, and/or from the wider community to form a team; focus your message and contact the media (tips here)

  • Call the Congressperson’s office for an appointment or just show up! Click here for more office visit tips

  • If your Congressperson isn't listening, organize an occupation of the local office, or an encampment outside his/her home. Get inspired by the examples listed below:

Act in DC:

  • Join CODEPINK in the halls of Congress in DC daily!
    Click here
    to apply to live and take action with us in DC

Join Events and Campaigns

  • Join CODEPINK in the halls of Congress in DC daily! Click here to apply to live and take action with us in DC.

  • Join Actions

    See Upcoming Actions & Action Highlights

  • Join Current Campaigns

    Bust McCain: Join us in birddogging McCain!
    Moving Obama: Join us in ensuring Obama stays consistent with his pro-diplomacy approach
    Don't Buy Bush's War: Show Congress how to defund war by resisting to pay your war tax this year

  • Learn from Previous Successes!
    Pelosi Watch: Learn how to birddog your rep
    Listen Hillary: Learn how to pressure your rep to bring the troops home fast

Speak Out

As a constituent, you can influence your member of Congress to stand up for peace by voicing your opinions and values, and encouraging others to stand with you.