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Events, This Week & Beyond --- Happening in Seattle Area

WED NOV 11, 7 pm, Peace Action of Washington will host an Afghan hero. BBC calls Malalai Joya "The BRAVEST WOMAN IN AFGHANISTAN", at Seattle First Baptist, 1111 Harvard Ave at Seneca, Seattle

Malalai Joya has written "A WOMAN AMONG WARLORDS", telling her story and the story of the women and poor people of Afghanistan in their struggle to deal with life between the Taliban and U.S-backed warlords.
She started her first school at age 16, when the penalty for teaching girls was death. Working with others in her community, she went on to found health clinics, orphanages and self-help centers. At 25, she was overwhelmingly elected to the Loya Jirga which wrote Afghanistan's constitution, then to the national parliament. When turning off the microphone wouldn't keep her from telling the truth, the warlords who now rule Afghanistan attacked her and drove her out. They've tried to assassinate her four times.Tour organized by Afghan Women's Mission. Admission is free and all donations collected will support Afghan Women's Mission, info 206-453-4471 or or

Thurs, November 12, 7 p.m "Why Accountability for Torture Is Crucial for Human Rights, Our Security and Our Souls,."at Kane Hall, Room 220, University of Washington, Seattle
Former CIA employee Ray McGovern will share his experiences and insights.
Sponsored by Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture; the Law, Societies & Justice program at the UW; Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation; and UW Southeast Asia Center, SNOW.

Thursday, November 12, 7-10 pm  Water, Justice, Peace in The Middle East

Visions for a fair and just solution with Susan Koppelman, water rights advocate
Location: Kadima House, 12353 8th Ave.NE, Seattle, WA
Susan Koppelman states that Palestinians are facing a severe water crisis, with Israel's policies playing a major role. Israel is also in a difficult position managing sufficient quantities of water for different sectors of its population (agricultural, hi-tech, nuclear, domestic-Jewish, domestic-Arab).
-What is being done to uphold Palestinians' right to water?
-What is the role of the Israeli Occupation, U.S. foreign policy and the humanitarian service industry in this crisis?
-How can water resources be shared fairly, meeting the human, agricultural and economic needs of both societies?
-What can we do?
Koppelman herself has been living and working in the West Bank for the last three years, and is an active member of LifeSource.
LifeSource is a Palestinian-led collective of people who believe it is crucial to address the current and unfolding regional water crisis immediately on the humanitarian level, the environmental level, and the political level. Lifesource is launching a campaign of research, popular education and action, with the goal of motivating communities to engage in their own analysis of information and direct their own courses of learning and action.
Sponsored by: Kadima Reconstructionist Community, American Friends Services Committee, American Jews for a Just Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace

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