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CP Pgh honors the Iraq Moratorium- see our pics!

NEW!  Read about our Women's Tent City at the G20 in Pittsburgh, September, 2009 on the national CODEPINK blog, PINKTank.

See photos of the Tent City here.

The G20 may be over, but our important work continues. “Now is an important time for activists to continue speaking out about the imperialistic wars being funded and supported by our government,” says Francine Porter, CODEPINK Pittsburgh coordinator. It's up to women to continue to raise awareness and pressure Congress about the imperialistic wars launched by our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the continual support of military aid to Israel to continue the brutal occupation of Palestine. 

Join us in action in Pittsburgh!


Read about CODEPINK Pittsburgh in action in the July 12, 2007 edition of the City Paper

"...the Pittsburgh chapter of CODEPINK, a nationwide women-led activist organization that strives for peace and social justice. Holding signs that read "Even Nixon knew when to leave" and "I Miss America," the group protested during the noon lunch hour under sunny skies. They sang songs to the tune of "God Bless America," with the lyrics altered to "I Miss America." 

Photo caption: For the entire month of October, 2008, the point fountain in Pittsburgh was PINK for CODEPINK!! Okay, actually for breast cancer awareness...

Welcome August Shank, the youngest member of CODEPINK Pittsburgh!

Who we are
  • CODEPINK Pittsburgh joins it's sister branches worldwide in its struggle for peace and equality. 
  • CODEPINK Pittsburgh believes women can be instrumental in ending this illegal and immoral invasion and occupation, and we will express our opposition to the US imperialistic foreign policy until our troops are home safely, and the quality of life to Iraqi citizens is restored. 
  • CODEPINK Pittsburgh rejects peace, freedom, and democracy at gunpoint.